Services We Provide

Are you thinking of adding some color and change to your life? Above The Rest Painting can help color consult you with. We specialize in:

· Color consultation
· Painting, staining, sealing
· Lacquering
· Oil based and water based primers
· Finish sanding and scuff sanding
· Wallpaper removal and installation
· Smooth texture repairs
· Knock down texture repairs
· Drywall repair
· Woodwork – trim, casings, crown molding
· Baseboards
· Crown Molding

     · Color consultation
· Exterior water blasting

· Stucco repairs and texture patching
· Smooth wall patching
· Priming repairs
· Urethane caulking
· Woodwork / trim work

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy paints are extremely difficult for non-professionals. The importance of epoxy in coating a concrete slab is vital because of the bonding between the concrete and epoxy. Paints and wallcovering can become damaged as epoxy coatings fail. A well prepared surface will prevent these failures. Preparation of a surface is different depending on whether you are painting a concrete floor slab, garage concrete slab, concrete walls, etc.. Once the surface is prepared these coatings can be applied.

Industrial and commercial epoxy coating on floors can replace alternative flooring and will not break. The flooring will not become slick and is as strong as the concrete it is coating. Industrial coating and commercial coating, require a respective preaparation to the known contaminants of the building environment. Taking measures to remove these chemicals from the concrete will help the epoxy coating to bond. Once bonded, additional layers of paint, sealant, urethane, etc. can be applied to the flooring.

Commercial epoxy coating and painting, by our painters, will use professional skills and application methods to deliver a finished product worth paying for. Because of an epoxy paint’s thickness and bonding, it is important that a unified thickness of coating is applied to the concrete using a consistent mixture. Either of these can result in peeling or adhesive failures. Hire a professional painter experienced in commercial epoxy paints and coatings, contact Above The Rest Painting.

Our experience painting industrial and commercial buildings has helped us to focus only on such projects. Working within such an atomosphere some painters have skill while others do not. It is important to work with qualified painting professionals, because your industrial or commercial building demands professionalism. Speak with a representative at Above The Rest Painting today!

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