Why Choose ATR

Why should I choose Above The Rest Painting?

As a team, we have 5 goals to complete in every successful project:
1. In depth project assessment
2. Organized implementation
3. Expert surface preparation
4. Knowledgeable, experienced application
5. Complete final inspection and customer sign off


Set up

  • Moving heavy items – furniture placed in center of each room, covered utilizing new plastic sheeting

  • Protect wood floors: special protectors are used

  • Protect carpet and vinyl using new drop cloth

  • Protect counter tops / cabinetry / railings


  • Specific to the customers outlined project scope

  • Mold and algae removal

  • Cob web removal

  • Voids, holes, imperfections and cracks will be filled utilizing premium mediums


  • Pre clean all woodwork utilizing tack cloths

  • Prime any imperfections and new construction

  • Apply quality products for a consistent professional finish


  • Furniture and accessories are replaced to original positions

  • Floors are swept and vacuumed

  • All project tools, equipment, and trash is removed from site

  • Final inspection walk thru


  • Pre-clean surfaces

  • Remove dirt, algae and grime by water blasting at low to medium pressure

  • More pressure is applied to large hard to reach areas

  • Hand wash delicate areas

Surface Prep

  • Weather checked paint is scraped and sanded smooth

  • Glossy enamel surfaces shall be scuff sanded


  • Quality Caulking shall be utilized


  • Prime repaired areas with oil based products

  • Application of quality paints applied for consistent professional finish


  • Complete clean up shall be performed, trash removal and sweeping of paint chips


  • Complete and finalize project

  • Crew inspection followed by owner inspection and sign off

Designed by Moroni Andrade